Who we are

T-Dynamics is specialized strategic consulting and services provider, offering broad scope of solutions which combine knowledge, technology and risk mitigation.

Our diversity of services is based on established programs which integrate expert staff, technical capacity, global network and know-how.

We take the consulting work to the next level by implementing best industry practice and service integration in order to help leaders and organizations to overcome the challenges of today and prepare for tomorrow.

Our core business functions are strategic consulting, intelligence solutions, research and analysis. Throughout our growth cycle, we expanded our services portfolio with supporting teams providing IT solutions, risk management, marketing and linguistics, initially as supporting functions. In very short time, these supporting functions proved themselves as viable business opportunities and grew into fully-developed prime services.

Through strategic data mining, research, analysis, latest multi-industry technology implementation and best practice approach, we strive towards optimization of capabilities and resources, highest quality of service and customer satisfaction.

What we do

We are not afraid to face the walls and tackle the obstacles preventing our clients from becoming bigger, better and busier. We ask the tough questions, listen, research, analyze, predict and execute. We keep flexible process which provides all-in-one or stand-alone solutions in various industries and locations by combining information, experience, analysis, technology and supporting functions in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Our standard operating procedures are designed around the concept of integration of capabilities and support of the project at hand with functional contribution from all sectors in our organization. This approach is our core value in our efforts to envision, transform and maintain success for our customers.

Our Strategy

The concepts of simple and universal are no longer options. Strategic thinking and adaptability are required in every aspect of today’s modern existence. This fact is the core prerequisite of any work we undertake.

We design our methodologies by combining research, analysis, planning, scenario testing and feedback verification in order to ensure the success and quality our clients deserve.

Our projects are based on phased approach with predefined implementation plans, milestones and deliverables, client’s updates and quality control.

Transparency, consistency, resources optimization and flexibility to changes are our key preferences which allow us to respond to our clients’ requests with respect to the predicted time tables and quality expectations.

We operate in multicultural environment through global network of subsidiaries, partners and subject-matter experts


Regional Hubs





Global presence

Global outreach is what really matters in today’s modern world. This inevitability was the driving force for T-Dynamics to expend on global level and build its network and capacity in order to serve the customers without limits.

We combine our in-house resources and subsidiaries with network of strategic partners, trusted subcontractors and individual experts from across the 30 countries.

Professional Approach

T-Dynamics is driven by three key factors – customer satisfaction, professional results and quality assurance. Our corporate culture incorporates set of professional concepts and values which we implement in everything we do:

We promise and deliver realistic results, not wishful thinking
We operate as one-stop-shop with global capability
We implement quality control and value the client’s feedback
Safety and security is our priority
Our past performance and references are best guarantee
We implement corporate and social responsibility
We care about our results and your success



Although we treat each project as unique challenge, we utilize our know-how portfolio from our past performance and integrate the best approach and practices that will guarantee the success of the mission. The following past performance overview is just a segment of our successes in the past:

41   Country strategic analysis
215 Enhanced due diligence projects
75   Corporate intelligence projects
31   Pre-transaction verifications
41   Strategy support projects

33    Geopolitical research reports
41    Market exposure projects
45    Risk and security assessments
11    Linguistics support projects
155  IT related projects

Maximized Value

We approach each task and customer with determination and expectation that our quality of work will insure long-term cooperation. We believe that customer satisfaction is the best business development approach and we tailor our business process towards achieving maximum value for optimized price.

Our dedication towards value for money, T-Dynamics maintains flexible approach towards net payment conditions after project conclusion as well as beneficial commercial terms for our returning clients.