Albania’s EU Bid Might Slip Further Away Unless Political Instability Reversed

By July 1, 2019 No Comments
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The deepening political crisis that has prevailed for months in Albania indicates best how frail and immature democracy is in this country and that it continues to feel the pain and implications of the cruelest Stalinist regime in Eastern Europe. Thirty years since the death of Enver Hoxha, the Stalinist dictator who ruled Albania with an iron fist, the quest to establish a law-governed state and a political elite that abides by the rule of law seems a mission impossible in this country, for the time being. The downfall of one of the harshest forms of communism marked the Albanian people’s desire to dismantle the Iron Curtain, break away from the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence, and to start looking West. It was a noble initiative launched by young students who started a revolution and succeeded back in the 1990s. But Albania’s political scene over the years has been nothing short of violence, deep-seated institutional corruption, extreme partisanship, and sizzling mutual verbal attacks caused by holdover politicians from the post-communist era. Today, many of those politicians have taken center stage in the current political deadlock. Up until now, Albania has gone through a number of political crises that brought the country to disrepute, but the ongoing crisis threatens with far-reaching repercussions and is far more serious than previous ones in that it threatens to derail the country’s EU accession bid and therefore dash the Albanian people’s hope and dream of becoming a member of the grand European family.

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