Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting Services

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Our response to the growing need for 24/7 monitoring, recognition and reporting of corporate, geopolitical, strategic and market intelligence, threats, risks and security developments based on early recognition, analysis and mitigation.

Designed to provide continuous, 24/7, real-time monitoring, analysis and reporting of active, developing and imminent events of interest or incidents

Our services cover wide range of topics, from global events to customized, individual subjects of interest.

Strategic Coverage

Geopolitical developments
Market and industry developments
Technological events
Micro and macro financial dynamics
Conventional and low intensity conflicts
Security incidents
Terrorist attacks
Major hostage situations
Risk and threat emerging developments

Customized Solutions

Corporate profiles
Business activities
Product and market status
Customized PR monitoring and impact
VIP social and public profile
Special events public profile tracking
Marketing mix tracking and evaluation
Social media and networks
Media and press clipping

The System

Alerts24 operates as 24/7 Monitoring Center with in-house staffing and technical infrastructure which guarantees quality and confidentiality. The process is supported by monitoring consultants, analysts and subject-matter experts who manage the specific process or subject of interest.

The Methodology

Our methodology includes collection, verification, analysis and reporting. Through specially designed process, we aggregate raw data in real-time, analyse them into actionable intelligence and deliver the information to the customer.

The Sources

We combine open, restricted and customized sources processing in over 20 languages in order to obtain accurate, timely and actionable information:

OSINT (Open Sources Intelligence) from media, news and databases;
SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) from over 20 social networks and 2,000 online sources.
HUMINT (Human Source Intelligence) in-country, human-based information from local sources;
National and government agencies sources;
Business networks, organizations, think tanks and NGO reporting platforms;
Industry-specific Intel and SitRep network to which we are part of.


We customize the reporting in accordance with the customer’s preferences. The delivery approach can include:

Flash Reports

Reporting of events with immediate impact on the customer. The average time of identification of the event is up to 15 minutes and delivery of the Flash Report within 5 minutes of information identification.

Daily, Weekly and Biweekly Reports

Reporting of events with no immediate impact on the customer but defined as subject of interest including updates of previously reported events and events that occurred within the reporting period.

Monthly Executive Reports

Detailed summery of all relevant events, the impact and likely outcome. The Monthly Executive Reports are supported by executive conference brief on which Dynamics International senior executive team and analysts participate in Q&A session with the customer.

All deliverables can be distributed through SMS, social network chat platforms, emails or specialized and encrypted in-house real-time chat application.

Client-branded Customized Solutions

For our customers who require fully dedicated system, we provide specialized, client-branded, real-time online platform which gives the customer an in-house capability.

Who Can Benefit


Media and press clipping companies
PR companies
Education institutions
Organizations with complex structure
Clients with high social media output
Government agencies
Development and aid organizations
Entities operating in high-risk countries
Risk management companies
Private security companies
VIP security service providers
Investment funds
Think Tanks


Public Sector
Environmental Operations
Construction and Real Estate
IT and Cyber Security
Defense and Security
Risk Management
Emerging Technologies
International Development
Finance and Investment