Serbia’s Euro-Atlantic Integration Impeded by Internal Political Upheaval, Tense Ties With Neighbors

By June 24, 2019 No Comments
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Serbia has been struggling to find its place in the international community, but has remained faltering between East and West, despite that twenty years have passed since the ousting of the Milosevic regime. Like the rest of the Balkan countries that went through bloodshed, wars, and political turmoil, Serbia attempted to undergo systematic changes to introduce genuine EU-styled democratic governance in order to secure EU membership, however progress has been slow and has almost come to a grinding halt. The reasons for this are many, from internal political upheaval, limited press freedom, lack of rule of law, and down to tensions with its neighbors Kosovo, Montenegro, and at times with Bosnia-Herzegovina owing to Republika Srpska’s secessionist ambitions. The country’s NATO accession, on the other hand, is completely a different story, given that the leaders of this country have been somewhat hesitant and cautious to approach this alliance on account of their strong traditional bond and extremely chummy relations with Russia and China.

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