Our Leadership

Tom Nikoloski
Founding Partner

Mr. Nikoloski is security, risk management and corporate intelligence expert. Since 2009, he served on various senior risk management and corporate executive positions for consulting companies, primarily in support of security and operations contracts for the US Government and NATO in the Middle East and commercial programs in USA, Europe and Africa. Prior to joining the private sector, he served as military officer on various command and staff duties. He is military academy and Fort Benning Career Officers School graduate and holds MA in Risk Management.

Justin Roath
Corporate Strategy Executive
USA Representative

Mr. Roath leads is strategic management and business development expert. He spent the last 15 years on senior executive positions in the private security, risk management and consulting sector where he managed several strategic programs in the security, risk management and stability sector in the Middle East. Mr. Roath holds degree in civil engineering and several specialized qualifications in corporate management, business development, security and risk management.

Kosta Ristovski
Executive Director

Mr. Ristovski coordinates our operations across the group of companies. In the past 8 years, he served on various security and risk management positions in high-risk regions on US Government and NATO contracts. In addition to his risk management experience, Mr. Ristovski is also aviation security specialist and due diligence analyst. He is certified security, risk management and aviation security officer and hold number of other qualifications from the corporate intelligence industry.

Slavica Popeva
Operations Manager

Ms. Popeva is responsible for planning and organization of all executive-level activities, personalized administrative support, client coordination and prioritization of the company agenda by focusing on the most important opportunities and issues. She spent the past 6 years on various management, administrative and support positions for international companies in several industries. Ms. Popeva holds BSc in Journalism.

Muhamedali Ibrahimi
Senior Manager
Geopolitical Intelligence

Mr. Ibrahimi specializes in strategic intelligence and global analysis. He is also an expert on global politics, international relations and crisis. Mr. Ibrahimi holds MA Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and BA Degree in English Language Studies and Literature as well as several special trainings in OSINT and SOCMINT.

Tina Davkovska
Senior Manager
Corporate Intelligence

Ms. Davkovska is responsible for our open sources monitoring, analysis and reporting as well as business intelligence research and reporting. As member of the strategic and business intelligence team, she is our lead consultant for collection, analysis and integration of data. Ms. Davkovska holds BSc in Management and Economics.

Tony Eager
Corporate Security Manager
Latin America and Africa

Mr. Eager is an established corporate security and executive protection manager with 20+ years of proven experience in high-risk areas of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, protecting critical assets, personnel and facilities for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. With an extensive background of 19 years in the British Special Forces and 20 years in the private security industry, he has demonstrated an ability to minimize risk in high-threat environments worldwide by placing emphasis on political, compliance and strategic developments. Mr. Eager leads our operations in Latin America and Africa and provides senior security advisory services to our corporate security clients. He is based in São Paulo, Brazil and holds degrees in Security & Risk Management and Business Administration.

Stephen Grossman
Critical Event Response

Mr. Grossman is an expert in critical event response, crisis management and behaviour-focused analysis. For more than 20 years, Mr. Grossman has been involved in the risk management and corporate intelligence industry, operating in various locations of the world and providing response consulting, profiling, deception detection, intelligence collection and analysis, investigations and conversation management to identify and neutralise threats and risks, to assess truth, and to positively affect outcomes for clients. He is a recognised subject matter expert, has been published in various journals and regularly speaks at industry events. Mr. Grossman has trained police and special operations teams internationally and has been called upon to consult on complex cases.

Daniela Kapushevska
Market Intelligence Manager
UAE Representative

Ms. Kapushevska is responsible for our market intelligence. She is also our permanent representative in UAE. Her past experience includes work in the real-estate market and the business consulting sector. She was behind several successful new businesses incorporations and startups in UAE. She holds MA in Business Management.

Aleksandra Janevska
Marketing and Business Development

Ms. Janevska is responsible for our marketing activities. As a member of our team, she creates the marketing strategies while reaching out to new potential clients. She is also a graphic designer and has experience with many 3D modeling/rendering projects. Ms. Janevska holds MA in Architecture.

Aleksandar Donevski
Chief Technology

Mr. Donevski is IT expert with 10 years of dedicated experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for our datacenter and databases management, IT consulting, web development, hosting and cyber security projects. Mr. Donevski holds BSc in Information Technology and Communications.

Nikolco Jankovski
ICT Consultant &
Software Developer

Mr. Jankovski has several years of experience in Web Design and Development, ICT Consulting, Database Development, Linux and Windows technologies. He also has excellent knowledge of Computer Networking, Computer Security and Software Development. Mr. Jankovski participates in number of our ongoing projects. Mr. Jankovski holds BS in Internet and Mobile Technologies.

Vladimir Jordanov
ICT Consultant &
Software Developer

Mr. Jordanov runs our software development, database and software maintenance and web apps projects. He has extensive background in the fields of code development, IT consulting, IT training and web based process integration. Mr. Jordanov holds BSc in Software Engineering and several certifications in IT management and programming.

Monika Petreska
ICT Consultant &
Front End Developer

Ms. Petreska is responsible for our web services frontend development, coding, design and maintenance. She specializes in user-friendly design planning and implementation, clear navigation, optimization and integration of latest web design technologies and practices. She holds BSc in IT, Internet and Mobile Technologies.

Marjan Babunski
Risk Management Consultant
UK Representative

Mr. Babunski is our senior risk management and security consultant. He has extensive military background as well as 5 years of work in high-risk regions such as Afghanistan as close protection, risk management and security manager. Mr. is SIA licensed security and risk management officer. He is based in London, UK.