T-Dynamics is management and consulting company with broad scope of integrated consulting solutions for diverse range of clients and industries.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is based on integration, flexibility and innovative approach in our work. The concepts of “simple and universal” are no longer options in the consulting world.

Why T-Dynamics ?

We operate in reality, not the wishful thinking
One stop-shop solutions with global capability
We stand behind our results
Safety and security is our priority
Proven past performance and references
Corporate and social responsibility
We care about our results and your success

Our integrated-services approach offers One-Stop-Shop solutions which reduce time and resources spend by our clients

Strategic Consulting

We combine the functions of strategy, management and advising into adaptable strategic consulting solutions

Intelligence Solutions

Combination of business, market and strategic intelligence into result-driven support ensuring our customers have the right information at the right time

Research and Analysis

Creating value of the information by understanding the factors, the process and the impact

Information Technology

Staying on track with the progress and ever-growing integration of information technology

Marketing and PR

We make sure your message is loud, attractive and reaches the right target

Risk Management

Risk management with responsibility by taking the risk ownership and insure your safety and security


Breaching the geographical and cultural borders through understating

Public Sector Support

Building the society through partnerships with the public sector

Supporting your mission and success through integrated consulting solutions

We take the consulting work to the next level by implementing best industry practices and services integration

Strategic data mining, research and analysis in support of your strategy and operations

Latest multi-industry technology knowledge, experience and expert personnel

Know-How solutions based on proven methodologies and operational concepts

We operate globally through network of international offices and trusted partners