T-Dynamics is management and consulting company with broad scope of integrated consulting solutions for diverse range of clients and industries.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is based on integration, flexibility and innovative approach in our work. The concepts of “simple and universal” are no longer options in the consulting world.

Why T-Dynamics ?

We operate in reality, not the wishful thinking
One stop-shop solutions with global capability
We stand behind our results
Safety and security is our priority
Proven past performance and references
Corporate and social responsibility
We care about our results and your success

Our integrated services approach offers One-Stop-Shop solutions which reduce timeand resources spend by our clients

Marketing and Public Relations

Our marketing and PR experts will make sure your market profile is promoted, maintained and secured.

Risk Management

Our risk management program has been proven through field implementation of complex operations through our partners in some of the most hostile regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria and Mozambique.

Languages and Transcription

T-Dynamics implements work-tested methodology, project management and technical process that results with significant turnaround time reduction and quality.

Government Support Services

T-Dynamics specializes in government support services with dedicated know-how processes developed specifically for the government sector international development and aid organizations and non-government organization.

Strategic Consulting

Our consultants will provide you with the most efficient approach towards understanding, solution and execution and help you overcome the gaps between the external vs. the internal and the vision vs. the reality.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence is tailored to identify the realistic conditions in the environment and predict the optimal conditions for incorporating business, technological, cultural, geopolitical and demographic inputs, historical understanding, applicable variables, measurable key milestones and viable short and long term metrics.

Research and Analysis

Our research concepts include combination of open sources, direct field research, social and public research, market analysis, corporate research and network research.

Information Technology

Our IT sector and services are based on the principles of professionalism, technical expertise, information security and latest technology integration.

We operate globally through network of international offices and trusted partners