Integrated systems based on optimized hardware, smart automation and the latest software solutions.

The rise of the information technology creates a nexus of risks and opportunity,
which puts the data as an asset and a liability at the same time.


Hosting Services

The need for securing your business data nowadays is greater than ever. Because of this necessity, we transformed our in-house hosting capability into a fully developed program for our clients that offers secure database and file storage. We differ with our transparency, flexibility, and expertise every step of the way, offering a full range of hosting services tailored to our client’s needs. Our team provides secure server hosting, VPS hosting options, cloud services, and customized solutions as a result of dedicated, in-house server infrastructure, redundancy systems, and data protection program.

Cyber Security and Forensics

We live in a reality where cyber-attacks can bring down any business and because of that, the world progressed to a level where cybersecurity solutions became a necessity. Our cyber forensics team can implement various prevention methods, mitigate the damage after any unfortunate incidents or trace the attack back to its roots. We combine specialized data protection hardware with innovative software and operating procedures which will allow your organization to operate in a secure digital environment.

IT Systems Integration and Management

Optimized hardware, savvy automation, and the latest software solutions are some of the several complex packages for integrated systems that serve our clients and gives them the best arrangement for their business.

Our IT team can reinvent your business setting into a trouble-free IT environment made to benefit your workflow through personal or online management support as well as brief and long-term outsourcing. Our unique ability to create cloud systems combined with our in-house fast hosting solutions will make your business safe and secure like never before.

Web Design Services

We operate as a one-stop web design, web development, and maintenance solution. Our integrated packages are tailored to specific client’s needs for websites, web portals, and web applications. Our web development approach provides both a single service or full package service depending on the client’s requirements. Our services include web development through WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL, Magnolia CMS, .NET, C and C#, WCAG 2.0 Implementation and integration of text, graphic, video, and audio content.

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