Strategic Consulting

We combine the functions of strategy,

management and advising into adaptable strategic consulting solutions

T-Dynamics provides multi-level consulting, advising, value creation and mitigation of negative impacts. By integrating research, information, technology and subject-matter experience, we create business opportunities for our clients, transformation towards optimization of resources and processes and effective decision-making. We design, shape, manage and control the business and operational life cycle of businesses and organizations by leveraging big data, technology, deep industry insights, outsourced management or advising, financial mapping and resources control.


Advisory Services

Through real-time tracking of information on latest geopolitical developments, globalization trends and impacts, long-term predictions and social and economic factors, we arm ourselves with the understanding of what is relevant for our customers’ future. We transform this understanding into viable and applicable strategies and assist in their implementation.


Management Services

We leverage the experience of our senior staff in project, program and executive management in order to assist the decision makers and the operational level in accomplishing their goals. We provide field project management support, management personnel outsourcing, optimization of management cycle and training of senior staff.

HR Services

and Outsourcing

Getting the right person for the right job is one of the key factors of success. We don’t just recruit for our clients. We guarantee for the choices we propose. Our HR services include personnel mapping, sourcing, vetting, recruitment and training of candidates in some of the most challenging industries and regions in the world.



Growth is everything. We’ve faced the challenge ourselves and succeeded in creating and implementing business development model that combines research, analysis, marketing, technology implementation and direct networking. This model is now implemented as service which brings our customers closer to achieving their goal for future.



Through objective and data driven assessments, we scan, analyze and identify the strengths and weakness of the organization, the process and the strategy and provide concepts for future transformation in order to create value in the client’s personnel capability, resources, financial procedures and business development.



We utilize our in-house IT team of experts in order to assess the customer’s capability, actual requirements and the potential value of various technical solutions. Through best practice analysis and scenario-based testing, we provide our customers with technical integration plans and steps to achieving technology-based structure and results.

Intelligence Solutions

Combination of business, market and strategic intelligence into result-

driven support ensuring our customers have the right information at the right time

Our Intel teams utilize customized intelligence cycle in order to ensure the final results are actionable and address the actual needs of the customer. We enroot our business in strong ethics and utilize only legal practices in our processes of collection, verification and analysis of information and data. Once transformed into actionable intelligence, our products provide implementation options and expected outcomes.



We provide the decision makers with understanding and relevant knowledge, and ensure the right path when navigating the obstacles and unknowns of the dynamically changing business world. We provide competitive profiling, technology and product intelligence, corporate vulnerability testing and competition dynamics monitoring into effective intelligence platforms.



We provide the decision makers with understanding and relevant knowledge, and ensure the right path when navigating the obstacles and unknowns of the dynamically changing business world. Our market intelligence services include market penetration intelligence, brand protection and anti-counterfeit support, market strategy development support, trademark monitoring and negative PR exposure mitigation.



Global and local politics, emerging trends and crisis, interests-driven conflicts specific cultures, customs, and many more are contributing factors to a broader environment which needs to be thoroughly understood. Our strategic intelligence uncovers trends, risks and potential implication that the existing or emerging events may have on our customer. T-Dynamics provides geopolitical, macroeconomic, technology and strategic stability intelligence, defense and security insights, terrorism analysis and impact insights as well as government support and NGOs program support.


Due Diligence

In today’s business and regulatory environment, it is critical for organizations to identify, research, and mitigate the risks posed by the ever-growing dangers of false information and unrealistic picture presented in fashion that will divert the attention from the truth. We provide all-level, enhanced due diligence and detailed reputational, operational, financial and legal profiling by researching and analyzing regulatory issues, organized crime links, corruptive practices, concealed facts and compliance deficiencies.

Research and Analysis

Creating value of the information by understanding the factors, the process and the impact

We provide knowledge through combination of research and analysis and insure our clients are equipped with understanding of all relevant facts and possible outcomes. Our methodologies of gathering data, analysis and creation and distribution of useful information will assist you in looking further, deeper and wider in the reality of modern existence.

Market and Industry

Research and Analysis

We research the target market and industry by implementing universal research designs, field and remote surveys and focus groups processing. Combined with our qualitative and quantitative analysis conducted by specialized analysts and subject-matter experts, we produce professional outputs which help our clients understand the target market or industry and prepare for realistic and fact-based forecasting and decision-making. We conduct Customer base research and analysis, product and process research and analysis, market and industry trends, specialized technical research and analysis and marketing mix effectiveness.


Research and Analysis

Organizational management has proven to be a challenge unless supported by relevant information and insights from both internal and external sources. We combine interviews, surveys, experts’ revision and qualitative analysis which help our clients to better organize their structure, prepare their approach to vertical and horizontal organizational changes and track the pulse of their organization. Our service list includes functional and structure analysis, mission and resources optimization analysis, organizational efficiency analysis and internal and external surveys and analysis.


Research and Analysis

Our strategic research and analysis services are based on the ability to conduct researches on global level and engage subject-matter experts with extensive experience in geopolitics, macro finance, regional and global economy, defense and security. We provide conclusions based on facts for the highest levels of decision-making. Our services are customized to fit the needs of international corporations, governments and NGOs and include geopolitical surveys and analysis, economic analysis, strategic SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis.

Media Monitoring

and Analysis

Line of services based on real-time news and media tracking, impact analysis and distribution of information in customized format directly to our users. Our media monitoring and analysis are executed by monitoring center which operates 24/7 and covers both global and regional news, information and events. We provide
multilingual real-time monitoring and reporting, social media monitoring, alerts and reporting, press and media clipping and analysis, PR and campaigns measurement, internal and external surveys and analysis and key individuals’ media exposure alerts.

Information Technology

Staying on track with the progress and ever-growing integration of information technology

Our in-house IT department will provide you with efficient and timely IT service based on the principles of professionalism, technical expertise, information security and latest technology integration. Our IT services portfolio includes hardware, software and online services combined with high level cyber security and in-house server and cloud infrastructure.

IT Systems Integration

and Management

Our customers can benefit from one of the several complex packages for integrated systems and concepts based on optimized hardware, smart automation and latest software solutions. Our IT engineering teams will transform your process or location into pain-free IT environment made to serve you. We provide remote and online management and support as well as short and long-term outsourcing combined with central office support. Combined with our ability to create cloud or dedicated hosting environments, our capabilities will become yours.

Cyber Security

and Forensics

We live in reality where a cyber-attacks can bring down the civilization to the Dark Ages. The world progressed to the level where cyber security is necessity. T-Dynamics has the capacity to prevent your problems, mitigate the damages after incident or trace the attack back to its root cause. We combine specialized data protection hardware, software and operating procedures which will allow your organization to operate in safe and secure digital environment while our cyber forensics team can insure your team and organization stays clean of any negative occurrences.



T-Dynamics provides full range of hosting services with dedicated resources customized per the client’s needs and flexibility for changes at any time. Our hosting services are result of dedicated, in-house server infrastructure, redundancy system and complex cyber security and data protection system in place. Our hosting services portfolio includes shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting options, cloud services and customized solutions with combined packages.

Web Design


We operate as one-stop web design, development and maintenance solution. Our integrated packages are tailored to specific client’s needs for websites, web portals and web applications. Our web development approach provides both single service or full package service depending on the client’s requirements. Our services include web development through WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL, Magnolia CMS, .NET, C and C#, WCAG 2.0 Implementation and integration of text, graphic, video and audio content.

Marketing and PR

We make sure your message is loud, attractive and reaches the right target

The world has transformed and so did the marketing industry. However, the traditional approach and scholastic factors of the marketing process will never fade away. T-Dynamics combines the best of both and delivers innovative, effective and optimized marketing services across range of industries.



We don’t deliver fairy tales. We research, analyze, design, test and implement. Our marketing strategies are created in order to serve our customers by providing answers to all relevant marketing aspects. Our goal is to deliver marketing strategies that are based on the concept of combining the available with the achievable and implementing what is really important and effective for the customer’s marketing and promotion. Our marketing strategies include research, plans, management, promotion, communication and PR concepts that will bring your message on the right market and in front of the right customer.

Digital and

Social Media Marketing

The world is faced with the phenomena of digital reality. So is the marketing industry; and we follow it step by step. We have adjusted our own marketing up to 95% promotion through digital concepts and social media marketing. And we provide this for our customers. T-Dynamics maintains in-house team of digital and social media marketing experts which will provide you with demographic selection, message creation and real influence delivery of your promotion in front of the target group. Through combination of graphics, video and text, our team will ensure you become and stay visible in front of the world.

Market Research

and Media Monitoring

Whether it is for the purpose of business growth, market understanding or organizational and public sector market analysis, our market research methodologies will provide you with fast and efficient access to the subject of interest and the critical market information. We provide field and online surveys, direct product and market research, focus-based interview, public opinion surveys and analysis. Combined with our media monitoring and press clipping center and concepts, T-Dynamics will be your eyes and ears in the factor that matters the most – the market and the customers.

PR and Strategic


Communicating the right message at the right time is key to success. We engage the public, the customers and your market by producing the appropriate message with the right information and the format that will have the best impact. Through our PR and Strategic Communication teams do not just prepare your PR. We analyze all the factors, impacts and outcomes and ensure that the final result will be in your favor. Our teams are able to create fully applicable PR strategy within 72 hours and provide you with guidelines for implementation and effect monitoring.

Risk Management

Risk management with responsibility by taking the risk ownership and insure your safety and security

T-Dynamics has tested its risk management capabilities in some of the most dangerous environments in the world. Our risk management team has served customers from conflict zones to key business hubs as executive level risk managers, personal protection officers and field security managers. Their experience, combined with our corporate and operational procedures and standards, make us the preferred risk management provider.

Risk and Security


Our approach to the risk management is based on proven risk management cycle which guides our performance, quality assurance and ultimate success of the task. We incorporate field tested risk management and security know-how, risk ownership approach and risk management experts with experience from some of the most austere regions of the world. Our services include operational and corporate risk assessments, risk analysis and evaluation, risk treatment strategies, critical infrastructure risk mitigation, crisis and incident response and physical protection plans.

Threat Alerts

and Reporting

Stay updated with real-time alerts on incidents and threats from across the world. Our Alerts24 Platform provides latest information on incidents, threats, emerging security developments and critical events in order to help our customers to assess the immediate risk and take action to avoid the negative impact. We offer customized solutions which provide instant alerts through SMS, email and chat applications. Our monitoring and reporting scope includes active and developing security incidents, terrorist attacks, major hostage situations, disasters, political incidents and risk and threat emerging developments.


Risk Migration

Companies face risks every minute. Whether it is risk from unsuccessful investment, wrong strategy or simply external factor that acts against your business, the outcome can have irreparable consequences. T-Dynamics analyzes the exposure of the organization, predicts the risks and provides efficient risk management concepts and advising based on mitigation and prevention rather than response to incident.

Risk Management


Proper training is one of the key factors in any risk management strategy. Our risk management training courses are based on an approach that ensures that all trainees are qualified to perform their required job functions without the need for additional training. We provide hostile environment awareness training, corporate risk management training, law enforcement, SF and conventional training and command and control training.


Breaching the geographical and cultural borders through understating

T-Dynamics has specialized linguistics department dedicated to providing multilingual translation and transcription services. Our approach combines experienced personnel, dedicated IT infrastructure and quality control component. The integration of these three factors provides us with the capability to deliver professional, accurate and effective linguistic services.



Our international network of certified and authorized translators are linked thought our specially designed translation management system which provides fast and affordable redirection of the specific document to the appropriate language group and receives it back within hours. All the customer has to do is go online, upload the document and receive it back within hours. Our management team and dedicated translators will do the rest. We provide services in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian and Arabic languages.

Our Corporate Strategy mandates high quality deliverables for affordable price due to the fact that our company was designed to support both long-term and ad-hoc services for any category of clients. Our ability to utilize our personnel and technical resources through flexible project management provides us with opportunity to offer affordable prices to our clients.



We utilize human-based processing of all materials by our transcription consultants. We provide services in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian and Arabic languages. T-Dynamics does not implement ASR software solutions and our quality assurance segment of the process provides the guarantee of the accuracy. We have guaranteed turnover time within 12 hours for audio or video materials of up to 8 hours from delivery of the original materials with options of sequenced delivery.

There are no complex IT exchange procedures. The client logs on its password protected portal and uses simple CMS to upload audio or video files. Within minutes, the client receives delivery period confirmation. In case of multiple files, the client can prioritize the deliverables through the Schedule Management Module. The client receives completion notification with link over email or can simply log in and download the files

Public Sector Support

Building the society through partnerships with the public sector

T-Dynamics specializes in government support services through dedicated know-how processes developed specifically for the public sector, the international development and aid organizations and NGOs. Our approach includes project-dedicated managers, international network in support global capabilities and one-stop solutions for complex programs.

Technical and Personnel

Outsourcing Services

We support the government agencies by providing affordable and dedicated technical solutions, systems and personnel in the industries and areas where the public sector lacks the required resources. We outsource our capacities through range of long and short-term contract vehicles designed to provide cost-effective and value based services.

Public Private

Partnerships Management

We advise both sides of the equation by analyzing their positions, understanding the needs and concerns and bridging the potential gaps by consulting both the private companies and the public organizations. Our team will provide you consulting and support in various stages of the process, legislative and organizational support and know-how concepts.

International Organizations


T-Dynamics’ founding partners have spent more than a decade on various international organizations which supported government and global initiatives. This experience, the understanding of the challenges and the ability to create networks in multicultural environment is now utilized in our support of key government and international organizations across the world. We provide contract management, chain management, multi-country legislative analysis and customized diplomatic support.