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Our holistic business approach to the defense and security industry delivers creative solutions tailored to benefit the defense industry stakeholders.

Today’s defense and security market challenges are more dynamic than ever and require a proactive approach with actionable solutions that include innovative, customized, efficient, future-proof concepts.

By combining our defense veteran team’s knowledge, experience, defense sector competency, and comprehension of the defense industry ecosystem, we deliver pertinent solutions to every defense industry stakeholder.


Defense Industry Market Research and Analysis

The current geostrategic challenges have yet again emphasized the importance of the geopolitical landscape. Defense and security capabilities have once again become critical factors in protecting countries’ national interests and values, hence safeguarding their prosperity and well-being. Selecting the proper market and finding the right market participants requires in-depth research and analysis of the defense market by both providers and consumers. Our expertise in defense market research and analysis provides our clients with in-depth, realistic, and fact-based analysis. With a dedicated team of specialized senior analysts and subject-matter experts, we tailor the defense industry market research and analysis according to the client’s needs and requirements. Our research and analysis services provide market opportunity and market penetration analysis, target audience and stakeholders identification, competitive mapping, and defense industry trends.

Defense Contracting Consulting and Advisory

The defense industry and market require professional experience and expertise in managing the complete defense contracting cycle. It demands organizational resources to develop binding documents for bidding and acquisition, particularly if an organization does not have a past record in defense contracting. Our team of high-ranking defense professionals and senior consultants will provide you with consulting and advisory for defense procurement procedures, defense contracts bidding process and process improvement, pre-award acquisition documentation development, contract administration, and contract management.

Public Private Partnership Solutions and Support

The defense industry Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the common and preferred business model for the defense sector with a key focus on innovations, productivity, public cost optimization, and risk sharing in order to capitalize on the potential of the private sector competency and know-how. We provide tailored solutions to both sides of the equation on the business opportunity, cost-effectiveness, benefits of long-term cooperation, liability, and regulatory compliance. Our team will provide leading consulting and support services in various process stages, legislative and organizational support, and know-how conceptions.

Cyber Risk Management and Security Solutions

Safeguarding the business and its physical and digital assets is a paramount success factor. Operating in the digital environment carries cyber risks, which can have a substantial impact on an organization’s dynamics, reputation, and growth. Building resilience, protecting digital infrastructure and organizational data, and mitigating the risks of cyber threats requires specialized cyber security professionals and implementation of various cyber risk management policies. Our cyber security team and senior cyber security consultants will provide you with up-to-date cyber security solutions, including risk assessment and management, infrastructure security, cyber security training and awareness, scenario wargaming, incident response planning, and implementation of other cyber risk management policies.

Defense Industry Advocacy

Our founding partners, senior executives, and experts bring more than two decades of military decision-making experience. We understand the defense sector, strategies, and methodologies that are essential throughout the entire business process and contract cycle. This experience and the ability to build a network help us to provide advocacy services for defense industry companies. Understanding the context, coordination between various decision-making stakeholders, introduction and product presentation and demonstration events support, legislative and organizational support, and delivery of commercial proposals are part of our extended portfolio of services for clients that require effective and actionable representation.

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