Our risk management team has served clients from conflict zones to key business hubs operating as executive-level risk managers, personal protection officers, and field security managers.

T-Dynamics has tested its risk management capabilities in some of the most
dangerous regions in the world.


Risk and Security Management

Our approach to risk management is based on a proven risk evaluation cycle that guides our performance, quality assurance, and ultimate success of the task. We incorporate field-tested risk management and security know-how, risk ownership approach, and risk management expertise with relevant field experience from some extremely dangerous regions in the world. Our services include operational and corporate risk assessments, risk analysis and evaluation, risk treatment strategies, critical infrastructure risk mitigation, crisis, and incident response as well as physical protection plans.

Corporate Risk Migration

Corporate risk management is where we started. For more than ten years, our executive team has been providing corporate risk management and advisory services across the globe. We now use the same dedication to mitigating risks for our customers. Our approach is based on four key components: intelligence, analysis, reduction, and oversight. We provide risk assessments, risk mitigation plans, corporate profiling, corporate vulnerability testing, personnel vetting, and crisis management with taking care of the geopolitical, legislative, financial, operational, and reputational risks of organizations.

Threat Alerts and Reporting

Our 24/7 Threat and Emergency Reporting Center is designed to provide continuous real-time alerts, updates, and evaluated incident reports from across the globe. Our alerts are disseminated through online solutions as well as a customized SMS delivery system for clients requesting more sophisticated options. We monitor and report on active and developing security incidents, terrorist attacks, serious hostage situations, disasters, political incidents, and threat emerging developments.

Risk Management Training

Proper training is one of the key factors in any risk management strategy. Our risk management training courses are based on a customized approach that includes theoretical, practical, and scenario-based exercise training sessions that ensure all trainees are qualified to perform their required job functions without the need for additional training. We provide hostile environment awareness training, corporate risk management training, law enforcement, special operations force and conventional training, and command and control training.

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