Research is a vital component in the decision-making process which allows clients to become equipped with complete proficiency of all the risk factors and the likely course of action.

The detailed comprehension we provide for our clients through an established methodological system of gathering and disseminating data, as well as through the expert analysis, enables them to excel in the business market.


Market and Industry Research and Analysis

We research the designated market or target industry by implementing field and remote surveys, focus groups, detailed information gathering, and analytical processing. Combined with our qualitative and quantitative analysis conducted by specialized analysts and subject-matter experts, we produce professional outputs which help our clients understand the target industry and prepare for realistic, fact-based forecasting and decision-making. We conduct customer base research and analysis, product and process research and analysis, market and industry trends, specialized technical research and analysis, and marketing effectiveness.

Organizational Research and Analysis

Organizational management has proven to be a big challenge unless supported by relevant information and insights from internal and external sources. We combine methods such as interviews, surveys, expert revisions, and qualitative analysis that help our clients organize their structure, prepare their approach to vertical and horizontal organizational changes and track the pulse of their organization. Our service list includes functional and structural analysis, mission and resources optimization analysis, organizational efficiency analysis as well as internal and external surveys and analysis.

Strategic Research and Analysis

The strategic research and analytical services are based on our ability to conduct investigations on a global scale and engage subject-matter experts with extensive experience in geopolitics, macro-finance, regional and global economy, defense, and security. We combine knowledge and proficiency in offering different types of geopolitical surveys, economic, SWOT, and PESTLE analysis, as well as social, environmental, and commercial impact research and predictions.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

We offer a distinctive line of services based on real-time news and media tracking, impact examination, and distribution of information in a customized format directly to our users. Our media watch is performed by a monitoring center that operates 24/7 and covers global and regional news, events, and political affairs. We provide multilingual real-time monitoring and reporting, social media monitoring, alerts and reporting, press clipping and analysis, PR and campaign measurement, internal and external surveys and analysis, and key individuals’ media exposure alerts.

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