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The world between two scenarios: A grim food security future or an optimistic outlook?

Governments from around the world are on the verge of trepidation, fearing that an escalating famine disaster will be the new normal they will have to battle. All eyes were recently focused on Turkey’s efforts to negotiate a safe trajectory for Ukrainian grain that was finally released from the nation’s port in Odessa. Nevertheless, there is a very low probability that even such political efforts will in any way ease the Global Food Crisis that is already occurring in many African nations nor that the ongoing level of famine catastrophe will in any form be decreased.

However, it is highly likely that Global Food Security will remain at the current level of threat by the end of 2022 as a result of the Ukrainian war and the imposed sanctions against Russia, regardless of the slow resumption of grain export throughout the Black Sea. Furthermore, there is also a high possibility that the Global Food Crisis will significantly deepen and experience an increased level of threat by the beginning of 2023, due to the already ruined harvest season in Ukraine, as one of the most significant grain producers and exporters in the world.

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