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In the post-pandemic world, the current Russian – Ukrainian conflict and the imposed economic sanctions against Russia positioned Europe again in the center of the backlash.

The repercussions of the conflict on European soil have resulted in skyrocketing of global commodity prices, triggering discontent of the population on the continent. The accelerated rise in commodity prices, including energy prices, as well as supply chain disruptions, would ultimately lead to a growing number of European citizens resorting to demonstrations, protesting their government’s political decisions, influenced by the raging conflict in Eastern Europe. The demands to address the rising energy prices, soaring inflation, expressing antagonism toward NATO and EU, including calls for neutrality in the Ukrainian war are common denominator of the current protests. The social unrests that have started occurring in certain parts of Europe, might as well be harbingers of the waves of political instability, that the region should be bracing for in 2023.

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Europe Braces for
Political Instabilitys

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