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In the intricate intersection of technology and global politics, the semiconductor industry has emerged as a battleground, giving rise to what can be aptly termed as the Silicon Struggles.

This multifaceted landscape encompasses the industry challenges and geopolitical complexities that define the contemporary semiconductor arena. The global leadership in key aspects of the semiconductor ecosystem is currently held by the United States and a select group of partners and allies such as Germany, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, and Taiwan. As nations vie for dominance in semiconductor research, development, design, and manufacturing, a geopolitical maze unfolds, presenting a myriad of obstacles and opportunities.

The US faces increasing challenges, finding itself in the pendulum shift, and its once clear advantages are gradually diminishing. The semiconductor shortage[1] has become a focal point for understanding the intricate interplay of technological complexities and far-reaching economic repercussions that resonate across diverse industries worldwide, and by adding the geopolitical dimensions of this trend, security issues also come to the front.

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Silicon Struggles:
Navigating the Geopolitical Maze
of Semiconductor Challenges

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