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During the Cold War, Turkey without objecting NATO’s strategies and politics, became the frontline sentry of the North Atlantic alliance at the border of the former Soviet Union, however the country demonstrated readiness to confront certain decisions, when it felt its national interests were at stake.

Finding itself in the middle of the turbulent Eurasian geopolitical basin after the end of the Cold War, Turkey became an important player in the region, having strong historic, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic ties with the newly created independent countries after the fall of the Soviet Union. The multidimensional conflict that the world is witnessing today in Ukraine, led number of countries to reconsider their national strategies and make the most of the dynamic circumstances, and move forward their national agendas. The revitalization of overt military confrontation between great powers, such as the conflict among the West and Russia in Ukraine, the strategical rivalry between China and US, coupled with realignment of coalitions, as well as the rising acute global economic crisis, lead to the conclusion that the world order is being reconfigured.

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In this context, Turkey seems to be uniquely situated to reconfirm itself as a regional power in the following years. The ongoing geopolitical instability seems to provide the country with favorable conditions to assert itself on a higher level in the international order.


Turkey Amid Global Geopolitical Turbulence

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